Seven new interpretive areas have been identified to tell the Dodge City story.  Visitors will begin the exhibit experience in the Theater then follow a path through interactive, captivating, engaging displays and exhibits.  The flow is chronological and incorporates “Transformative Moments” in Dodge City history, highlights “Key Individuals” and includes “Anchor Scenes” that feature signature design elements from the museum’s collection.

The new interpretive plan will enhance Dodge City’s historic provenance and relevance.  Exhibits will engage baby boomers, millennials and people of all ages encouraging multi-generational sharing of experiences and creating unforgettable memories.


As you walk through current exhibits you hear the swinging of old bat wing doors, the sound of creaky wood floors and you are transported back in time.  The new exhibit space will keep the continuity of the authentic, rustic and intimate feel of the current exhibits, while bringing a more “official museum” look and feel.