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Boot Hill Museum redevelopment plan marks a time of growth and transformation for the museum.  After much research and consideration a plan has been formulated that will address many challenges the museum as faced and will create a Better Boot Hill for future generations.  The addition of a new entrance and exhibit building will be the centerpiece of historic Dodge City.  The compelling stories of Dodge City history will be told in new and innovate ways engaging guests from all over the world.

The Boot Hill Museum has served in the past as a social and cultural center of the area, it has an opportunity to be the keeper and storyteller of not only Dodge City’s romanticized past, but also of the community’s historical and on-going significance, which today uniquely shapes the character, personality and resilience of the residents and their historical town.

National- Caliber

Dodge City and the Boot Hill Museum are nationally and internationally recognized as an authentic and historic Western town. The redevelopment of the museum will honor that authenticity of Dodge City’s unique identity.


Student and school tours will be improved by having new and fresh exhibits that will include character education programs and a venue for temporary displays from traveling museums, demonstrations, and a maker space to work in. Ford County residents will continue to receive free admission into the redeveloped museum and out of area schools are able to enjoy free tours during the month of January for Kansas Day celebrations.


Did you know? 50% of Boot Hill Museum guests do not visit the “People of the Plains” exhibit building atop Boot Hill due to the steep incline. The compelling stories of the Plains Indians, buffalo hunter, cattle drovers and pioneers are told in this building.  These are important pieces of Dodge City’s story that should be shared with everyone that comes to Boot Hill Museum.


Boot Hill Museum is able to provide more stories and details of Dodge City’s past utilizing additional space that will be provided in the new building. There are items in storage and artifacts being returned to the museum that need to be visible for all who tour through the facility.

Temporary Exhibit Hall

The new temporary exhibit hall will grant Boot Hill the opportunity to host compelling traveling exhibits, as well as, create temporary exhibits showcasing artifacts currently in storage. This multi-use space will be utilized for educational presentations, temporary classrooms, hands-on workshops and special events.


Seven new interpretive areas have been identified to tell the Dodge City story.  Visitors will begin the exhibit experience in the Theater then follow a path through interactive, captivating, engaging displays and exhibits.  The flow is chronological and incorporates “Transformative Moments” in Dodge City history, highlights “Key Individuals” and includes “Anchor Scenes” that feature signature design elements from the museum’s collection.

The new interpretive plan will enhance Dodge City’s historic provenance and relevance.  Exhibits will engage baby boomers, millennials and people of all ages encouraging multi-generational sharing of experiences and creating unforgettable memories.


As you walk through current exhibits you hear the swinging of old bat wing doors, the sound of creaky wood floors and you are transported back in time.  The new exhibit space will keep the continuity of the authentic, rustic and intimate feel of the current exhibits, while bringing a more “official museum” look and feel.

We Need Your Help

You have an opportunity to carry the torch for Boot Hill Museum and help keep the fire burning for many generations to come. There are so many ways you can participate in the growth and new construction of a Better Boot Hill to save and share our stories.  The Dodge City STAR Bond Project is supporting 78% of the museum redevelopment, leaving the museum to raise only $1M.

Your financial support at this time, to play an active role in the expansion of Boot Hill Museum, is a wonderful way to provide learning opportunities and engage people of all ages and incomes. People make history, you can make history too by joining the effort of making a Better Boot Hill!

For more information on how to become a part of this special opportunity contact:

Laura Tawater, Donor Relations and Marketing Manager


500 West Wyatt Earp

Dodge City, KS 67801


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