The Plan

Boot Hill Museum redevelopment plan marks a time of growth and transformation for the museum.  After much research and consideration a plan has been formulated that will address many challenges the museum as faced and will create a Better Boot Hill for future generations.  The addition of a new entrance and exhibit building will be the centerpiece of historic Dodge City.  The compelling stories of Dodge City history will be told in new and innovate ways engaging guests from all over the world.

The Boot Hill Museum has served in the past as a social and cultural center of the area, it has an opportunity to be the keeper and storyteller of not only Dodge City’s romanticized past, but also of the community’s historical and on-going significance, which today uniquely shapes the character, personality and resilience of the residents and their historical town.

Dodge City and the Boot Hill Museum are nationally and internationally recognized as an authentic and historic Western town. The redevelopment of the museum will honor that authenticity of Dodge City’s unique identity.